Art and Culture: combining my passions

Salmonberry Leaf is a wonderful plant that eases pain and is also a natural vitamin and mineral supplement.

Rose Yelton Memorial Pole -  Villge of Papayuk - Stanley Park
Rose Yelton Memorial Pole – Villge of Papayuk – Stanley Park














I am the Indigenous Plant Diva. I gather medicines on the land, whether it be in rural and hard to access locations, or in the urban environment, in community gardens or urban forests. I gather medicines and share the knowledge with those who seek it and are serious students. I run a small business blending teas and bringing wellness to other people through the teas I blend.

I am an artist. I take the best from my culture and share what I am given the permission to share, by my elders and advisors.

I hope to build on the knowledge and sharing elements of what i do, here in this site. Please offer feedback when and where you can, and be patient with me when it seems like i am taking too much time to deal with site issues. đŸ™‚

I will share what I can and what I am not given the permission to share, I will carefully explain those reasons where I am able to. I am excited about the connections I will be making that result from this site, and about the wonderful photos and videos I will be uploading here to help bring a better understanding to people about traditional indigenous ethnobotany, and how our culture plays a very significant role in our people staying connected to our spirits and our ancestors.

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